how we help

We take the best practices of your business and brand, and enhance them with our expertise.




Plate & Glass assists with building systems for in-house event departments, including: sales, coordination, and execution foundations for on-premise and off-site events.

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Plate & Glass offers one-on-one training with employees to use our proprietary systems and streamlined workflows. Our areas of training can include: time management, capturing inquiries, converting leads to bookings, organizing high-volume event sales, coordination, and management. Our goal is to maximize employee efficiency, which directly translates to an increase in revenue.

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Plate & Glass provides support to Event Sales Managers and Event Coordinators throughout the booking and planning process of an event, focusing on best practices such as correspondence follow-up, streamlined email communication and templates, structured BEOs (Banquet Event Orders), menus, and collateral design.

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Event Production
& Coordination

Private dining, events, catering, and marketing are now essential extensions of the hospitality industry. Our team can support you in coordinating, producing, and promoting events, including pre-event logistics and day-of event management.

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Plate & Glass can help expand your brand's visibility by fostering relationships in your community and beyond. Our network of prospective clients, partnership and sponsorship opportunities, media outlets, PR and marketing agencies, and more are available through targeted outreach on your behalf.  




Brand Development
& Product Launches

Right from the start, we're here to help you define and execute on your brand's mission, and to support you in building a successful business. We'll provide guidance as you create a completely new concept, develop a franchise, or revamp an existing hospitality-focused brand or product – from business practices, to style and aesthetic, voice, purpose, and mission.

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strategic MARKETING
& graphic DESIGN

We develop and execute unique events and marketing programs for your venue or brand, including designing event menus, information packets, sponsorship decks, and other branded collateral.

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Social Media Management
& content creation

Plate & Glass will help develop your social media strategy, including content curation, post volume, themes, images, and brand voice across popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Our social media manager will track metrics (clicks, followers, and other analytics) to report on post engagement and activity.